Friday, August 24, 2012

Winter Dance

This Trance and Progressive CD was made back in 1997 during a long gloomy rainy and lonely winter to which was my inspiration. I would describe the sound as subtly epic, edgy, dark, emotional, and simply beautiful in its chaos. And the most flattering compliment to me was that some of my friends said that it made them get a little teary eyed in some parts of the mix for the emotions it brought out in them. Now looking back, this CD contains some timeless classic tracks that I too get teary eyed thinking of the good old days. By the way, the winter sound in the intro is manually spun and scratched in on a turntable using a scratch sample. 

Download: Winter Dance
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Thanks for listening to dj Sang-Do's archive mixes from 1996 to 2007!
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